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CS106L: Lec01 Welcome

About CS106L

  • Focus is on code: What makes it good, what powerful and elegant code looks like
  • The real deal: No Stanford libraries, only STL
  • Understand how and why C++ was made

C++ History


  • Unbelievably simple instructions
  • Extremely fast (when well-written)
  • Complete control over your program


  • A lot of code to do simple tasks
  • Very hard to understand
  • Extremely unportable (hard to make work across all systems)

C made it easy to write code that was

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Cross-platform


  • No objects or classes
  • Difficult to write generic code
  • Tedious when writing large programs

Cpp Core Guidelines

  • Only add features if they solve an actual problem
  • Express ideas and intent directly in code
  • Compartmentalization(区块化) is key
  • Do not waste time or space
  • Enforce safety at compile time whenever possible

C++: Basic Syntax + the STL

Standard C++: Basic Syntax + std(standard) library

  • Tons at of EOL general functionality
  • Built in classes like maps, sets, vectors
  • Accessed through the namespace std::
  • Extremely powerful and wel-maintained